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We are accredited to conduct performance mock-up specimen testing at our facility and in the field for Air Infiltration and Water Penetration Testing in accordance with ASTM, ANSI, and AAMA specifications.


We are a full service independent laboratory specializing in the testing of glass and glazing products, and are approved by AAMA, SGCC, HUD, IAS (formerly ICBO), CMBSO and the City of Los Angeles.


Our services include testing of Curtain Wall Air Infiltration, Water Penetration (Static & Dynamic), Seismic, Structural and Thermal Cycle testing.

Laboratory Testing

Performance Mock-up Testing


Curtain Wall

Store Front

Window Wall


Misc. Standard Product


Tempered Glass Impact

Laminated Glass Impact



Field Testing


Curtain Wall

Store Front

Window Wall



Fixed Punched Openings

Operable Punched Openings

Sliding Glass Doors

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